I’m Diyan (Diddo) Mihaylov

I got into product management in 2014 because I like solving problems. A couple of years later, I am on a first-name basis with the top users of my products. I also initiated and built from scratch the largest community of product people in Sofia (currently ~2000 members). Organized product events with Skyscanner, Financial Times, Viber, Ocado Technology, Glassdoor, Linkedin, Uber, and many others.

My achievements at startups and fast-growing companies: 1) Successfully recruited and coached product managers into +1 level roles, 2) Gained efficiencies through better product ops in remote-first / distributed teams, 3) Increased revenues through the right product strategies.

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#Product Strategy, #Product Teams, #Customer Experience, #Product Ops, #Data, #Knowledge Sharing

I'm Diyan (Diddo) Mihaylov

My Work in Product Management

My experience in product management spans the following six areas.


Long term view on how to get to the next level of growth.


From 0 to 1 without complex design and engineering.


Assessment of feasibilit, usability, and viability of every idea.


Learn quickly through AB testing, clickable protypes, smoke tests, painted doors, etc.


Optimized decision making for the shortest possible time-to-market.


Growing team members into +1 level roles.