How to turn PMs into great communicators

According to the NN Group, visitors will probably leave your website within 20 sec. To avoid this, you must clearly communicate why they should stay within the first 10 seconds of attention.

You better be a great storyteller.

PMs face the same challenge. Either keep somebody’s needed attention long enough to secure a decision, or go home empty.

We’ve all had conversations that included too much detail. You probably forgot most of it by the time the conversation ended. The great storytellers convey meaning by saying/writing as little as possible.

If you lead a team of PMs or you are a PM, how about you try and do the following:

– Limit all presentations to 15 min + questions.
– Always start with a (TL;DR) version.
– Always use the same structure to tell the story.
– Write as if a 6-year-old needs to understand it.
– Reflect on whether or not you kept your listener/reader’s attention and why.

The challenge will be great but the focus will follow.

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