Interesting observations on my Linkedin skillset

I just had a look at the listed Skills in my Linkedin profile. They had not been updated since around 2014, and actually gave me an interesting perspective on how fast career development (or self-reinvention, if you prefer the more fancy term) happens nowadays.

Disclaimer: in 2014 after more than 10 years in the business consulting world either as part of corporate consulting units (Coloplast, TECTRA), or as a consultant in top firms (Accenture, PwC) I decided to enter the field of Digital Product Management.

I knew little about it, mainly from blog posts and news articles, but I was willing to absorb everything that came my way. Up until that time I had always kept an updated list of my skills (as realistically as I could) on my profile but since back then I was about to develop many brand new skills, I stopped the updates. So after having a look some 4 years later, I got really surprised by what I observed:

  1. Discarded about 60% of my olds skills since they were outdated or obsolete. Also added some new ones that are a must in our world. Here are some examples:
  • Business process optimisation –> User Experience Design
  • Project Management –> Product Management
  • Team Work –> Distributed Team Management
  • Communication –> Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
  • Oracle OBIEE –> Optimizely
  • Presentations –> Public Speaking
  • Consulting –> Strategy Building
  • New ones added: Team Motivation, Cross-Functional Team Leadership, Data Analysis.

2. The ones for which I have gotten the most endorsements are pretty much still relevant. For example, Business Strategy, Market/Business Analysis, Leadership, Change Management. No wonder. Those are core skills for many walks of life which I am pretty sure I will always need.

3. This all happened within approximately 4 years in which I was part of two startups, one leading e-commerce company in Silicon Valley, changed four different job titles, worked with team members located in Denmark, Israel, India, Silicon Valley, Sofia, Plovdiv. I have definitely not been job-hopping but man, how fast everything moves these days.

Looking forward to my 2022 retrospective.